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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  November 10, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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this is a live picture looking out over the bay where the temperatures are drop together coldest points so far this season. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. >> it is a frosty night. >> sandhya is here with radar. >> we have seen hail to snow and cold showers. and now get ready for the chill. let me show you live doppler 7hd, and we still have moisture being picked up. as we take you in closer we'll show you where we are seeing the moisture. this is the mount hamilton area where you are seeing a mix precipitation. this is the mount hamilton area, and they are picking up the mix precipitation as we
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pan around to other parts of the bay area. some snow being reported near the big sur mountains and mixing in with rain. your temperatures are going down 6 degrees shy of freezing in santa rosa where it is 38 degrees. that make sense. the north bay valley and mountains from 2:00 a.m. and salinas valley covered by that. low to mid30s in the coldest inland valleys. sensitive plants may be damaged. i'll be back with a full look at your weekend forecast to let you know when you can put your umbrellas away and thaw out. 5* quiet neighborhood was rattled by murder. a woman was found dead in her home and police are looking for her husband, troy edward dasi nzo. and now the latest on this developing investigation. >> neighbors have been coming by this makeshift memorial all night.
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they say huey is a pretty -- they say he is a pretty mellow guy. but they are looking at what happened between he and his wife and how she ended up dead. their nephew they raised gave us inside. >> brandon harper returned to the home where he was raised by his aunt and uncle since he was a toddler. >> they have been together for 27 years and a happy marriage. >> until recently harper says his own bouts with the law and financial problems between the couple caused friction in the house. it caused harper to move out. >> my aunt had her problems. my uncle had his problems. people accuse each other and there are more problems. she didn't deserve to be killed. >> san jose police say someone made a 9-1-1 call from the home around 5:30 in the morning and then hung up. about an hour later harper says police found his aunt 54-year-old patricia in the home dead. detectives aren't saying how she died, but they say the suspect is her husband, 50-year-old troy edwardth
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acenzo. his uncle is soft spoken, but he is a black belt in martial arts. once between the two of them at home and once with harper's father who has never cared for harper or his siblings. >> why did you beat up your dad? >> to teachers and him a lesson? >> why? >> take care of your kids. why should i take care of your kids? >> neighbors say police have been there several times for problems with harper and problems between his uncle and aunt fnlt. >> police believe 50-year-old troy is driving a gray 2006 chevrolet silverado puck up truck with california license plate 8l70015. he is wanted for murder. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. the man who holds our nation's secrets abruptly resigned. cia director and retired general david petraeus engaged
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in an extramarital affair. he is one of the most decorated generals. they say he had an affair with his by yoking graw fer. the unnamed u.s. officials say the relationship was discovered after the fbi saw e-mails that raised concerns. she is a graduate from the united states military academy at west point. she spent 15 years in the military. she describes petraeus as herman for. she is married with two children. petraeus met his wife at west point. she was also a four star general. her great, great grandfather fought in the civil war. she works in the administration helping return service members and fight off banks that prey on them while they are away. the family moved 24 times for petraeus' career and holly raising their two children. senator dianne feinstein said i wish president obama had not
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accepted this resignation, but i understand and respect the decision. here is new york congressman peter king. >> obviously this hurts general petraeus, but it hurts the country more. he is a man of extra ordinary talent and extraordinary dedication and extraordinarily hard working. >> it comes days before petraeus was set to testify about the attack in benghazi, i libya that killed ambassador christopher stevens. developing news tonight. two residents of a senior care facility have died from eating poisonous mushrooms. two other residents are in the hospital. on tuesday a caregiver picked wild mushrooms growing at the gold age villa care home and cooked them as a treat. the mushrooms turned out to be poisonous. an elderly woman died and a second person died. the state is investigating. the sheriff deputies say it appears to be a tragic mistake. a third person connected to the vandalism and arson of a muni bus is under arrest
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tonight. 24-year-old adam diaz was taken into custody day and charged with felony vandalism. police tell us diaz is the man in these pictures swinging a skateboard against the bus windows. officers are still looking for this man who smashed the bus with a metal barricade. a special banquet was held tonight for the chp officer kenyan yo nu gstrom. he was killed on a traffic stop near alamo. they explain why young strom's wife was the honored guest. >> my husband would be touched. >> reporter: kenyan youngstrom was shot off the 680 free near alamo. the man who shot him was killed at the scene by another officer. but he held on until the next day when he died in walnut creek at the hospital. tonight's event honors the officer's service. proceeds will help his wife and four children.
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the aim of this benefit is to raise money for officer youngstrom's family. but his wife tells us the fact that so many people have turned out to show their support is especially touching. >> overwhelmed with how much people have shown their love and support for us. it is really just beautiful. >> reporter: about a hundred people bought tickets for the event. the woman who put together the banquet didn't know the officer or his wife before tonight. but she married to a law enforcement oicer, so she wanted to help in anyway possible. >> i would just hope the community would come together on a regular basis for anybody in those shoes. we want to give her support and love. >> reporter: it is something her family assisting struggles with, but her wife was compelled to be here. >> i controlled myself and my emotions. itit is mostly wanting to be here. i know everyone -- i wanted to let everyone know that we will truly appreciate it. >> reporter: abc7 news.
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>> new at 11:00, the president of the moraga school board has resigned. he submitted his resignation wednesday, one day after winning re-election. the same day he recaused himself from a meeting about former student kunan. he is suing for the sexual abuse suffered years ago from two teachers in the district. wednesday's meeting ended with the board apologizing for adopting illegal strategies subjecting he was in part responsible for the abuse. also new at 11:00, it has been revealed port of oakland chief omar benjamin was part of the group that ran up a $4500 tab at a texas strip club and then had the port pay for it. full receipts were pre leased to the -- were released from the media. poo rt and maritime -- port and maritime directors submitted for reimbursement and they are on paid administrative leave. the palo alto police is hola virtual ride along on twitter.
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a public information officer is sending out live tweets as he rides with a patrol officer until 1:00 a.m. a couple hours still to go on this along with donut jokes and a coffee break at starbucks. the tweets include a vehicle that was pulled over without any lights on. it turns out it was a rental and no action was taken. the goal here is to give the community a look at the reality of law enforcement in palo alto. surfers come from the mavericks invitational. and the window for that competition officially opened today with this prayer ceremony. this is the view from sky 7hd. ama dates is on the san mateo county coast for us. ama? >> carolyn, 24 surfers gathered for the kickoff of the mavericks. it goes all the way through march 31st. now we just wait for those massive waves that can be anywhere from 25 to 50 feet high. sky 7hd was there for the
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start of the mavericks surfing contest. the 24 competetors joined hands in the water for a prayer circle. >> they say a prayer. thisy talk about what it means for them. it is very special. it is sacred. >> reporter: he is the president and the ceo of mavericks. he is confident that this year's conditions will be ideal. the last time they were able to hold the contest was in february of 2010. >> we are pulling it off this year. the meteorologists -- in fact, your meteorologists said it looks good. >> reporter: mavericks is known for monster waves. >> even the best surfer in the world could not catch waves. it is cut and dry. it separates the men from the boys. >> reporter: the waves are dangerous. the beach is only for emergency crews. >> you will view it at the hotel and we are having a festival there. we will have big screen tv's. the surfers will come in and talk to everybody after they are done with their feet.
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>> reporter: 30,000 to 40,000 people are expected to attend the event, and that's what the folks at the italian restaurant like to hear. big crowds means a boost in business. and it doesn't take much to get people hooked on half moon bay. >> once they get here, you got them. it is like going fishing. >> reporter: mavericks is a one-day competition, and depending on how the conditions come together, surfers could get as many as 24-hours notice. they are saying the conditions are looking good this year. rocky tells me it is looking especially good between now and christmas. on the san mateo coast, ama dates, abc news. >> thanks sech. thanks very much. a new way to help doctors find out if you have skin cancer. >> fast and accurate and the doctors might not need to make an incision. >> and it feels like winter here, and it looks like winter in the sierra. >> and then late other "nightline." >> carolyn, dan, coming up next on "nightline" the latest on the cia bombshell as
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petraeus resigns over his extramarital affair. how an fbi investigation brought down the man in charge of the nation's secrets. and steven spielberg and daniel day lewis talk about reviving lincoln. that's on "nightline." >> stay with us.
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well, a new device could help doctors diagnose the most deadly form of skin cancer quickly and accurately. it has the potential to save patients from unnecessary biopsies. >> as an avid runner she logs plenty of miles under the east bay sun, but a decade ago while she was eight months pregnant the sun caught up
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with her. >> the biopsy was this big. i ended up having close to 40 staples this my arm. it was a big scar on my arm. it was stage 1 melanoma. >> she still carries that scar and a growing number of smaller ones. evidence of her on going battle to stay a step ahead of skin cancer. >> i am here once every six months and he does a body scan on me, and often times he finds things he has to biopsy and i have the scars to show it. >> but today this dermatologist will check out several small moles on her skin with a noninvasive technology. it promises to cut the number of biopsies she needs. >> it is a screening tool for suspicious looking moles that we want to get a computerized second opinion on. >> the recently approved fda device collects images several layers deep into the skin by combining multiple light waves with the sensor. the result is a multi
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dimensional look of the individual skin lesions including layers not visible to the naked eye. >> what it does is analyzes the degree of 8 symetry and the disorganization of pigment throughout multiple layers in the skin. >> after the images are acquired, the software uses algorithms to produce a score. >> we know from clinical sud des that the average score for melanoma is about 3.5. if something is 0 or below we know it is almost certainly benign. >> still there are limitations. the device does not currently spot nonmelanoma cancers. he says it is best used as an ed added tool to confirm clinical judgment on questionable lesions. allison comes for regular screenings. ever since her surgery for melanoma on her shoulder. >> anything that could tell me that there was an irregularity under the skin or anywhere on me or my husband or children
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would be fabulous. >> reporter: a single scan costs $175. right now it is not covered by insurance. biopsies are. but in marcy's case, the scan offered peace of mind without additional scars. >> you had a very low score which means the likelihood of this being a melanoma is extremely low. >> one other note. the op tau cal system was actually adapted from a defense technology originally developed to identify potential military targets. dan? >> interesting. all right. a new storm in the sierra has skiers waxing up their skis tonight. squaw valley and alpine meadows are digging out from a fresh foot of snow. elsewhere up to 18 inches of snow fell at donner summit and they opened for daily operations. customers are ready to hit the powder. >> we are hoping for a banner season this year. last year we had season
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passes, and it was total bust. big parts of the mountain were open. were not open. this year it was dirt and we are excited about having a good start. >> it is a good start. a little closer to home is this holiday ice rink in san rafael at the north gate mall. the rink opens at noon tomorrow. the rink in downtown walnut creek by the way opens on the holiday on veterans day on monday. let's talk about the weather forecast. it will feel like ice skating weather. sandhya patel is here. chilly out there. >> it is indeed, dan. if you stepped out you know exactly what i am talking about. live doppler 7hd right now showing you where we are still seeing some moisture. mount hamilton 4,213 feet. it is mixed precipitation. pink indicating a rain-snow mix. i talked to john up there, the director of the lake observatory and this is earlier. he said it was sleet too down there. pretty interesting weather there. south of monterey, big sur mountain seeing mixed precipitation as well.
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on the subject of that, this is a gorgeous view. it is sent by john up at the observatory. this was the scene this morning. it almost looks like a postcard. this is mount diablo. a light dusting of snow this morning and of course it all melted once the sun came out. let's check out another picture here. hail in san leandro. some of you ran into the thunderstorms and the hail this morning was unbelievable. we did predict this. not to brag or anything. here is the picture from ski north star sent by davie ratchford, and you can see they are really enjoying the snow up there. 6 to 18 inches. this was sent to me by amilia richmond. she is a pr person for squaw valley. she said they got a foot of snow, and they will be opening in a matter of a couple weeks. thank you for all of those photos. let's check out the temperatures right now. they are falling. camille posts on facebook "it is coldddd" with four d's.
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even san francisco is getting down there. 38 in santa rosa. 44 in livermore and 41 right now in napa. some showers into the early morning hours. snow over the peeks over 3,000 feet. this will continue. and then freezing cold conditions with patchy morning frost. so watch out in the north bay valleys and the mountains and the southern salinas valley. those are the areas from the frost advisory from 2:00 to 8:00 a.m. 32 in napa and getting right down there. 37 degrees in livermore. 40 for san jose and 41 palo alto. still some lingering showers. you will need your warm winter coat and an umbrella if you have early morning plans. here is the system that has come through. we are still getting a little bit of wrap around moisture. let me show you what will happen. a few showers. computer animation will pretty much pick up a couple of what i would call renegade showers
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at 11:00. heading into the early morning hours, mainly coastal and down toward the south bay. around the monterey bay at 5:00 a.m. and then it is all done. but it will be cool under partly cloudy skies. highs running well below average . the temperatures will be primarily in the 50s. a few low 60s are possible. around the monterey bay, dry for your weekend afternoon plans. temperatures in the upper 50s to the low 60s. here is your seven-day forecast. it is cold and frosty. possibly sunday morning which is veterans day. certainly sunny, brighter, milder. by wednesday running right through friday. carolyn and dan, we are bringing in rain again and that system does not look willed could. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, larry ellis son's america's cup boat that was damaged. >> it is get ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. oracle sailboat that crashed in the bay last month. >> parts will be used in the red bull fluffta. that's german for flight day. the america's cup crew has transformed the catamaran that was wrecked. basically they are not going
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to turn it into a plane. >> they will launch the flying contraption into the bay at mccovey cove from a 30-foot platform. >> just basically scrowng around and picking up odds and ends. >> the oracle team hopes it will help them move on from last month's training accident. >> the replacement boat won't be around until february. >> some of those are not flying at all. >> it is a good diving machine. >> this is an exercise in gravity not flying. in sports the warriors are in l.a. the lakers are a mess. they just fired their coach. what could go wrong from a warrior perspective here? kobe bean bryant. that's what. sports i
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where the lakers were in complete disarray. they fired mike brown after a 1-4 start. but that only made them desperate against a golden state team that shot 34% tonight. you are not going to beat anybody. he got off to a decent start. thompson with the two-hand slam. in the second quarter and


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